Martyr Salah; A Funeral Worthy of The Man He Was

Apr 23, 12 Martyr Salah; A Funeral Worthy of The Man He Was

** Personal Reflection of today’s funeral**

Today’s funeral of martyr Saleh from Bahrain was worthy of the man he was and will always be!

The funeral was marching toward where I stopped my car and so I waited, yet I was able to feel it before seeing early sights of it.

The roared voices of men heading the march and the steps of angry mourners shook the ground beneath us! It almost felt like the warning sings of a massive earthquake is about to happen!

Clips of Salah’s huge funeral on 23rd April 2012
I could not repeat all the slogans chanted by the leading mourner because I was chocked up with tears thinking of his wife, children and  his brother’s orphans whom he took under his wing!
I knew that the funeral was huge but my mind could not wrap the huge waves, literally waves of men and specially women coming from every ally in the village! The village was too small, too tight and too narrow to contain us and hence we had to go to the main street to reach the cemetery!
Keeping mind that the funeral was announced via Twitter and Facebook merely two hours because it actually started! Astonishing sights of people coming from villages and cities near and far to stand in solidarity and mourn the man who died so we get our democracy and rights!


Gathering the huge number of people at the funeral of people did not need a costly media campaign, state government media announcing it on TV or newspapers weeks before nor did we need to grant people free tickets to watch an entertainment show or famous speaker (Like the government supporting sponsored campaigns)!
All what was needed was a cleansed soul to share and mourn a fellow man who lost his life to keep his and our dignity !
Saleh was known to be a cheerful man, a dominant leader of peaceful protests .. a father, a husband, a son, a brother and now a martyr.
in spite of the tight budget he willingly carried under his wing the orphans of his brother after he passed away!


Saleh’s body was kept hostage by the Ministry of Interior at the hospital’s morgue and was not released till after the F1 Race was finished since Martyr Saleh was killed on the night of F1. They didn’t want the news of his death and the huge mourning march of people  be competing with F1 Grand Prix headlines in the international press! So they waited till F1 race was finished and results were satisfying for the “Crown Prince” aka “Sea Man”.


 Cartoon by Cartoonis Carlos Lattuf against F1 in Bahrain due to Government Human Rights Violations


Saleh was fearless, back in March 2011 with Saudi and UAE army invaded Bahrain, he stood unarmed in front a military tank shouting “We are Peaceful, We have nothing to fear”! People like him cause aching pain to dictators sitting on their royal chairs therefore they needed to “TAKE CARE OF HIM”!

Salah, to the left shutting ( We have No Guns, We are Peaceful)


 Martyr Salah was found after being killed and left on a roof
Death Certificate stating that the cause of death is (birth pallets gunshot)
Salah had his share of loss 7 months ago, when he had to bury a relative of his, the 16-year-old martyr Ahmed Al Qatan whom he shared the same destination, being killed by Bahraini police with (bird pellet gunshots)!
Archived photo of Martyr Salah preparing to bury his relative martyr Ahmed Al Qattan
The moment I felt the weakest was when the mourning leader was begging Saleh’s brothers who were holding the casket of their brother’s body to lay it on the ground gently since the (bird pellet gunshots) are deep inside his body that blood was still pouring out.. the man shouted with a chocked up voice of tears ( I BEG YOU, I BEG YOU,  LAY  IT GENTLY ON THE FLOOR, HE IS ALMOST TORN INTO PIECES”.
After the funeral finished, the usual attacks by the mercenaries (Bahrain Police) started.  I have forgot where I parked my car and was forced to group up my strength and walk among the teargas burning my eyes and my face and hearing the cowardly shooting of sound bombs being shot in not so far distance.



As I whispered from far my farewell to martyr Saleh, I could not help to think of how we lost an amazing man who held a soft hands to people in need and strong ones to those aim to kill us. Government may have killed him but I bet they empowered a 1000 to follow his foot steps and carry his flag.



May what left of his pieces rest in peace, I like to think that he is happy now being reunited and surrounded by his native soil, Awal (Old name of Bahrain).


We Remain

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