Anee, A passionate optimist about humanity, Youth Development, History and Electronics but mostly an engineer who is a proud granddaughter of a palm tree farmer from Bahrain.

A first born for the most amazing parents,inherited the love of Roger Whittaker, John Denver and Om Kalthoum from my dad. Found my true arab identity after studying for months with Arab Activists from many countries who passed a piece of their culture into mine.

Shook hands with Barack Obama (not necessary proud!), criticized Hillary Clinton on the double standards, lived for a while with a simple Japanese Family living on the mountains , spoke to the world of Deaf, traveled the world on a ship with 300 youth participants for 2 months, trained and worked with youth on volunteerism, sat on the ground with people demanding freedom and democracy and proudly marched the streets raising the flag of Bahrain high!

Humbled when doing good deeds and burnt with guilt when doing what is wrong – I never claim perfection.

Facebook, Twitter is not enough anymore therefore this website is created, to channel idea,thoughts, projects, articles and noise!


Peace, Love and all the good stuff.


* Anee  means (Me) in the local Bahraini Accent